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the six-step protocol to relieving and resolving anxiety
(even if you're on medication and in therapy)

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Tay’s Breaking Up With Anxiety Program quite literally changed my life. Throughout the journey I not only healed my relationship with food, but also was able to successfully manage my anxiety and hormonal cycle. Tay gives you all the tools you could possibly need to succeed and is there for you every step of the way. 


Whenever I had questions, or had a tough week, Tay was always there to help me get back on track. Tay’s approach is so welcoming and efficient, she never just told you WHAT to do, she would explain all the reasons why. I never felt as if I was just blindly doing tasks, I always knew exactly the reasoning behind them and was motivated to complete all the steps Tay recommended. 


I feel so much better after the completion of the BUA program, but I plan on going through it a second time to really make sure I am on top of everything because luckily, once purchased, you have lifetime access! 


I would not hesitate to recommend BUA to a friend, and I actually have sent people Tay’s way because I am a firm believer in BUA and Tay’s methods for a multitude of reasons. I love a holistic approach to mental health, and BUA definitely falls under this classification. I learned so much about my hormones and hormonal cycle, the foods I need to be eating to power my body, mindfulness skills like yoga and meditation, and so many other things that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. 


I am so thankful I took a leap of faith in enrolling in BUA, and 100% recommend it to anyone who is looking to get a grasp on their anxiety.



"Ooook, honestly… I joined the program as a way to prove you wrong. 


I’ve never been so happy to be proved wrong 😭 I remember telling you that there was no way I’d ever give up ice cream or coffee, and you didn’t once fight me on it. It was actually craaaaazy to me the day I realized I hadn’t reached for ice cream in like a week because I just wasn’t craving it at all. My sugar cravings have essentially disappeared along with my anxiety. I LITERALLY WOULDN’T BELIEVE IT IF I HEARD SOMEONE ELSE SAYING THIS. I was (almost wrote am) a sugar fiend, an addict, and now it’s just… gone. Literally wild. 


I can’t even stress how much better my life is since taking BUA. I’ve made crazy bold moves in my business and have felt so confident in them. My communication is better with my boyfriend (most of the time lol). I’m not snapping at as many small things, and I actually fall asleep easily at night. Moving through my days just feels… easy. I couldn’t have imagined this. 


I’ve been shouting about BUA from the rooftops and will continue to do so. I can’t thank you enough Tay”





My version of anxiety was becoming more and more debilitating and life kept throwing things at me. You can only tread for so long. I went to the doctor, they did their thing and prescribed me a RX and sent me on my way. They wanted a follow up on how the MEDS were working; they never asked me how I was doing. I knew there was so much more I could be doing to support my body to bring back my vibrant self.  




I found her by chance (I know it was fate though) through my research looking for someone that specializes in anxiety. I took a leap and scheduled a discovery call and I immediately knew I found the right person. The program is set up beautifully and anyone can do this. She walks you through the program with so much support and knowledge it’s literally impossible to feel overwhelmed about the process. Each week you build your toolbox with everything you need to kick anxiety to the curb.  


I’m towards the end of the program and I have 100% changed my life all thanks to Tay. I have a new perspective and appreciation on how my body works and what it needs, and I know now how to support it. If you are on the fence with this program, JUST DO IT! You will learn so much about yourself that you can use for the rest of your life!


Thank you Tay, I’M FINALLY FREE.” 

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  • I’ve already tried so many things for my anxiety, how is this program different?"
    Here's the thing... we are always looking for that one thing. That one event, childhood trauma or trigger that we can wag our finger at and say “that is the root of my anxiety.” But it doesn’t work like that. We have an entire little planet within us. We need to understand our little ecosystem and learn how to support it for optimal mental health. There’s no one magic pill, drug, vitamin, supplement, super food, meditation or CBT technique that will take anxiety away. True anxiety management involves combining mental health nutrition with other modalities that manage mindset. The nutrition principles that I teach in this program educate you on the biochemical imbalances happening within your body that are creating anxiety. We come up with a targeted anti-anxiety nutrition plan that is sustainable and works with your lifestyle. Then you supplement that plan with other techniques to help you manage your mindset.
  • I already eat pretty healthy, do I need this program?"
    You can have the healthiest diet in the world but if you’re not absorbing the nutrients from the food you’re eating your body isn’t able to make happy neurotransmitters or balance out those sassy hormones.This creates anxiety. The first thing we do in this program is make sure all parts of the digestive tract are functioning optimally. Tackling anxiety with food is simple but targeted. It’s about eating specific amino acids, vitamins and minerals that create neurotransmitters like serotonin, melatonin and GABA that regulate anxiety, perceptions, emotion, mood, memory and sleep. If you can create enough GABA it’s quite literally impossible to feel anxious! Tackling anxiety through diet is also about working with your unique female physiology not against it. I teach you how to sync the food you eat with the 4 hormonal phases of your monthly cycle and how this optimizes powerful hormones that break up with stress and anxiety. I see time and time again women who are eating healthy but they're not eating in way that supports their hormonal fluctuations. This program will take your healthy diet one step further teaching you exactly what is happening in your body when you eat specific foods and how that supports optimal mental health.
  • Will I receive personalized support from you?
    Yes! There is a private 60-minute initial assessment call, followed by weekly feedback and communication done through forms on Google Drive. Plus, there are weekly 2-hour group coaching calls! If you want to kick it up a notch and dive even deeper into your anxiety recovery, you can upgrade to the Private Client Experience.
  • What is the Private Client Experience?
    The Private Client Experience is an upgrade that includes a private 90-minute initial assessment call, weekly feedback and communication, access to the group coaching calls and four 60-minute 1 on 1 sessions. This is for the women who are looking for more individualized supplement protocols that target their specific digestive and hormonal imbalances. You can upgrade to the Private Client Experience at any point throughout the program.
  • Do you offer a payment plan?
    Yes! Both Breaking Up with Anxiety and the Private Client Experience come with flexible payment plans. My #1 commitment is to bring you the education and tools you need to release anxiety and take back control of your mind in the most affordable way. In fact, I’m so committed to this that I take it one step further. I offer a 100% money back guarantee! With a catch of course. You must submit all worksheets, feedback and accountability forms and attend 60% of the group coaching calls. This is how strongly I believe in this program and methodology. If this program does not serve you and you did the work, you will get 100% of your investment returned!
  • Can I use this program to transition off medication?
    I am not a medical professional and cannot advise you on how to transition off medication. There is a safe way to transition off medication and must always be done under the supervision of a qualified medical professional. After 14 weeks together you will walk away with the exact nutritional foundation that I used to come off my medication. In that way, the principles I teach can be used to help you transition off medication with the support of your doctor or psychiatrist. The principles I teach can also provide you with immense anxiety relief while continuing to take medication as well! There is absolutely no shame in taking medication and I stand firmly behind anyone who decides that taking medication is the best decision for their mental health. It's your life. You get to choose. I suggest upgrading to the Private Client Experience if your goal is to come off medication. That way, I can give you an individualized supplement protocol to best support your body while working with your primary health care provider.
  • Can I use this program as a replacement for therapy?
    Everyone’s anxiety recovery journey is different. I personally am a huge advocate of therapy and continue to work with my therapist today. I believe true anxiety management requires a multifaceted approach that fuses together nutrition and supplementation protocols with therapy or mindset work. Breaking up with Anxiety is infused with mindset work to help you work through any blocks you may experience while moving through the program. Some of the women have found that it is a suitable replacement for therapy.
  • I can’t stand cooking and meal prepping, will I still benefit from this program?"
    YES! I’m honestly the laziest cook who eats the same 5-6 things on rotation. There are meal plans, recipes and grocery lists for each phase of the program. Almost all the recipes are 15-30 minutes. But if you’re a “just give me a grocery list and I’ll throw whatever together” kinda gal, like me, the grocery lists will get you in and out of the grocery store in 15 minutes!
  • I’m Vegan, will there be options for me?"
    Absolutely! All recipes are dairy-free and gluten-free with paleo, pescatarian or vegan options.
  • How restrictive is the anti-anxiety diet?
    Girl, I love me some cookies, pasta, wine, beer and margaritas! The goal is to work together to find a diet that works best with your lifestlye. In Phase 1 we do move through an elimination diet to reduce inflammation, but it is only temporary! I ask for 80% compliance while moving through the program. Which means... 20% of the time you can eat whatever you want!
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“I have been suffering from anxiety for all of my adult life, with stomach issues to boot! Taylor gave me the tools to eat properly for my body, which not only reduced my anxiety symptoms but also helped GI issues that medication was not treating


Taylor was easy to contact, knowledgeable, professional and empathetic with my struggles. She values a multi-faceted approach for targeting anxiety and is very flexible in her approach. Her results are proven and long-lasting because she gives you the tools to have total autonomy over your healing process. 

One year ago today I could barely get up and face the day, now I have the energy I need to reach my goals. This program is a big piece of the anxiety puzzle, and I am so glad I participated!”



There is not enough I can say about how amazing Tay and the BUA program is!! When I started this program with her I was nervous, anxious and on edge nearly every day. Most days I was unable to stop or control my worrying. Nearly every day I felt afraid that something awful would happen. And, as so many of us experience, my anxiety made it extremely difficult to do work, take care of simple chores and connect with other people. I was also taking medication but it only helped with my depression and not anxiety. I felt lost and worried about the quality of life I might have feeling like an anxious mess everyday.


Since I started this program I can truly say that my life has changed for the better. I rarely feel nervous, anxious, or on edge. I’ve learned what my body needs to thrive mentally and physically. I’m able to control/stop patterns of worrying more easily. I no longer feel that something awful might happen, feel less anxious in social situations and I'm able to relax on a regular basis!


Throughout the program, I learned so much about nutrition and stress management practices that I incorporate into my daily routine from Tay and our group coaching calls. For those who aren't nutrition experts, she breaks the content down for the average person to learn and absorb easily. Her approach is not intimidating and she is extremely patient, understanding, and is always there to lift you up even when you feel like you’re falling off track! Nutrition is such an important part of our overall wellness that I’m forever grateful Tay and Breaking Up with Anxiety opened my eyes to and believe everyone should know about.

Thank you Tay for sharing your knowledge and helping me on my mental wellness journey!!”

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"My experience in BUA was amazing, informative and a bit of an eye-opener! Because of the group aspect, I never felt alone because there were others in the same boat as well. Tay was always there for us and was happy to answer my questions (I had a LOT of questions lol but she didn’t mind at all and always answered all of them).


The biggest change I would say is that I don't have to fear anxiety anymore because I know if I feel anxiety, it is a symptom and I just look behind it more. The program is a process, it takes time and requires patience but honestly what a difference it has made for me - I am more chilled than anxious!! 


I feel more positive about the future now and I've started to wean off my medication which was a big goal of mine when I signed up!"

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My experience in Breaking Up With Anxiety was life-changing.


Although I did get off to a rocky start in the program. I was so anxious and stressed about being anxious and stressed that I couldn't see the forest for the trees. But with each week came our new habits and lesson and I just had faith that everything would fall into place. It did. In as little as four weeks I began to feel different. My chronic headaches were less frequent, my brain fog was lifting and I was finally sleeping through the night again. I feel the best I have ever felt!

Tay changed my life. I know that it is cliche, but it is so true! My anxiety is now controlled! I learned so much about hormones, gut health, sleep and how everything works off everything else in the body and just how important proper nutrition truly is to keep anxiety at bay. The moving meditations are fantastic and the breathwork will stay with me forever.


Jessica M

I had an amazing experience in BUA and I can't recommend this program enough!!  BUA taught me LOTSSS, while slowly integrating new concepts every week or so at my own pace.  With all the changes and lessons learned, it never felt overwhelming - always manageable!  The group was so welcoming and supportive - there encouraging me when I couldn't imagine ever using anything but cow's milk/cheese because *nothing* could taste as good (spoiler: you can find tastier options) to celebrating any win, sharing recipes or helping locate anti-anxiety products that weren't easy to find in my area.  I also love the regularly scheduled Moving Meditations (my new favourite way to meditate :)) and insightful workshops you can attend live or at a more convenient time.


Before I started BUA, I was a wreck and at my lowest (or perhaps my most heightened chronic anxious state ever?). I didn't sleep well, I only had enough energy to get through work - fueled by caffeine and sugar.. my anxiety was affecting not only my mental health but also my physical health and relationships. The journey started off with slow improvements.. like making dinner instead of ordering out.. getting out of bed 30 minutes before I had to work.. realizing that I was no longer dealing with IBS symptoms.. going for a walk twice a week. After a while the improvements started becoming more noticeable, even to others!  


Working with Tay was effortless. I feel like she got me and it's been like a friendship since day 1. :) She’s super knowledgeable on all this and ready to relate so I/we don't feel like we're alone going through all the *fun* of anxiety life.  Plus she’s easy to talk to and get a hold of, publicly or privately.  Tay definitely made this experience fun - which is not something I thought possible. :) 


I'm now a happier and healthier human who hasn't had an anxiety attack since beginning the program. I've also learned to have respect for my anxiety and I feel well equipped on ways I can nurture myself so if I feel like I'm going to be put in a situation that could cause me extra stress or cause me anxiety I can be prepared.  Other awesome side effects I'm seeing from this program include better relationships, having an easier time of the month and not dealing with recurring IBS symptoms anymore.


Would I recommend this program to others? YES!!! I can't speak highly enough of this program.  It's really been a life saver in so many ways for me.


I’ve learned so much more than I ever thought possible - ha and not just about food either! Not only am I converted to the anti-anxiety eating lifestyle (which my non-anxious husband has also seen his own benefits and gotten totally onboard with too! :)) and I've learned the tools to effectively manage my anxiety, but I've also learned to embrace things I thought I'd *never* enjoy or be able to do (like keeping my phone out of my bedroom and daily journaling).”



My journey started at a young age. I was diagnosed with a very rare tumor called Pheo Chromo Cytoma. This tumor happens to one in every million people but the size and type of adrenal tumor that I had happens to one in every hundred million people. It affected my heart health, anxiety, adrenals, and metabolism. To say I felt alone even while surrounded by others was a daily occurrence. I was told, in my teen years, that it is "just anxiety and puberty". Little did I know that I had a rare tumor undiagnosed for 10-15 years. 


After I survived the tumor, I was left with many different forms of anxiety. I had tried everything: medication, counseling, working it out by myself, and supplements. Then, one day, I thought I conquered my anxiety only for it to come back years later. Then, one day, I was listening to an interview with Tay and Dr. Alicia MacPherson. I decided to reach out to Tay Gendron. I thought how it couldn't hurt and if anything I get eating healthy out of it! Maybe she knows something my fitness instructor and teacher self doesn't.  BEST DECISION EVER. I never thought I would be someone who can break up with anxiety but Tay taught me not to be afraid of anxiety, how to balance my hormones, and to be an advocate for myself. I want to thank her everyday for the most beautiful gift she has given me!


My experience with BUA is such an eye opening experience. Tay is a true gem! For the first time in my life, I feel like I can manage my anxiety. I got so much more out of this experience than I ever imagined. Not only is anxiety more manageable, my gut health and immune health are the best that they have ever been. I learned that anxiety is a response to an imbalance. I learned to love my mind and body as they are while also giving it the love it needs. What is nice about this program is that even if you get off track or have a busy schedule like myself, you can always work it at your own pace. 


I would definitely, without a doubt recommend this program to others. YOU are NOT BROKEN. Tay taught me that. Let her teach you the tools to see what you are capable of. Give yourself the chance to break up with anxiety. Thank you Tay for being my rock!

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