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Hi! I'm Taylor - but you can call me Tay!

Hi! Welcome!

I am a Holistic Nutritionist (CNP, NNCP), Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher and NLP Practitioner specializing in natural anxiety management.


Born from my own struggles, the struggles of those I love and my life experiences, I have a passion for the physiological aspects of mental health.


I work to prevent and reverse mental health concerns through a combination of nutritional protocols, nutraceuticals, yoga, meditation and NLP lifestyle coaching that help women tackle their anxiety without medication.

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my story goes something like this...

It was a normal day for me in the early years of my undergraduate degree. I was studying in the library when all of a sudden the walls started to close in around me. It could not have been more vivid. It was as if the library had become a small box, getting smaller and smaller, until I was trapped. I could not breathe, my vision went blurry, my left arm went numb.


Somehow I managed to get myself into a taxi and to the hospital, alone, scared and 100000% positive I was having a heart attack. There I learned it was an anxiety attack and shortly after I was diagnosed with chronic anxiety and depression.

After that it seemed like nothing I did got me back on track. I went through the motions, got a therapist, went on medication and continued on with my life.


But instead of getting better, I got worse.


I would stay in my room, in the dark, for days.

I was missing class, work and not showing up for exams.


I felt trapped, emotionally paralyzed from multiple anxiety attacks.

By then, I was on the maximum daily dose of several medications for anxiety, depression and sleep.


I wasn’t getting any better and I kept how deeply I was really struggling from my closest friends and family.

On the outside I was seemingly fine.

But on the inside I felt like a failure, weak, like this was somehow my fault and I should be able to just snap out of it.


I knew something had to change, there had to be a better way  (any “Friends” fans here?)

I dove deep into my healing. Down the rabbit hole I went, which eventually lead me to the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.


What I learned there about nutrition, lifestyle and gut health in relation to mental health truly blew me away.


Finally I was hopeful and determined that I would overcome my struggles.

Armed with all of this knowledge I knew I had to share. My mission is to be for others who I needed for myself all those years ago.


I’ve been where you are.


I dug, scratched and, what truly felt like, clawed my way out to the other side.

It took me a long time to get where I am today.

I didn’t have someone guiding me, empowering me, giving me the road map and tools I needed.


I spent years experimenting with my diet, supplementation routine, mindset and lifestyle. Finally coming off all medication.


I wanted to deeply understand everything that helped me heal and so began the journey to become an expert in the fields of yoga, meditation, nutrition and psychotherapy.

Today I am Holistic Nutritionist (CNP, NNCP), Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher and NLP Practitioner


It is time for me to transition from healing myself, to helping others do the same.


I’ve developed specific protocols to help you transform your mental health concerns into mental wellness. I want to educate, empower and support you to live your best life!

Maybe your story sounds like mine, maybe it doesn't. Maybe you are exhausted, stressed out, frustrated and tired from all the busyness of your days. Maybe you struggle with stress and anxiety, are unsure about what to eat, or feel like you are being pulled in several different directions all at once.


Wherever you are, I can help.

Image by Sergei A

Where to Start?

I’ve put together a free 5-day mini-workshop to help soothe your anxiety!

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