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Food 4 Mood Workshop

a workshop for anyone who is looking for alternative ways to tackle their anxiety 

In this 90 minute workshop I will show you exactly how the right combination of nutrients can tackle anxiety and kick it to the curb! 


  • The specific neurotransmitters that, when imbalanced, cause anxiety

  • The mechanics of anxiety medication and how they work to treat a neurotransmitter imbalance

  • The 5 most common nutritional imbalances associated with anxiety and how to address them

  • How the right combination of nutrients can work the  same or even better than medication (should you choose) 

  • And more!


✔️ You are hoping for any relief 

✔️ Anxiety just sneaks up on you out of nowhere

✔️ You're unable to focus and remain present 

✔️ You worry too much 

✔️ You have trouble sleeping 

✔️ Anxiety makes life way more stressful than it needs to be 

✔️ Anxiety limits you from doing the things you really want to do in this life 

✔️ You have anxiety about your anxiety 

✔️ You’re tired all the time 

✔️ You want out of the spiral of negative thoughts

✔️ You just want to feel good again 

✔️ Your brain spins from one idea to another and then you get overwhelmed

✔️ You feel unmotivated

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Hi I’m Taylor, but you can call me Tay!


I am a Holistic Nutrition Student specializing in natural anxiety management. 

Eight years ago I was having anxiety attacks almost daily, leaving me in bed for weeks at a time, paralyzed from the fear of having another one in public.


My anxiety had completely changed the way I perceived the world and my life, not to mention I had some lovely depression, insomnia and a serious lack of energy that came along with it. Super fun.

I just wanted to feel like myself again. To feel peace again. To be able to get up and go about my day without having to worry about my anxiety. ⁣

I had tried so many meds, many of which didn’t work or came with a slew of side effects. ⁣

I tried to tell myself to think positively. That didn’t work. ⁣

I tried yoga and meditation but most of the time I couldn’t muster up the will or motivation to go to class. ⁣

I was in biweekly therapy, doing CBT (which I seriously hated btw) when my amazing psychiatrist pointed me in the direction of natural nutrition. ⁣

Enter nutrition school… where I quickly learned to trade in my prozac for probiotics, how my hormones greatly affected my mood and how to balance them, which foods helped me stress less, which foods helped me sleep like an angel and how the health of my gut was directly related to my mental health. ⁣

Maybe you’re interested in natural remedies but not sure what will actually work and what is just hyped up? ⁣

Maybe you have already tried therapy, yoga and meditation but they’re not quite working for you? ⁣

What I have learned is that it takes a multifaceted approach to relieve anxiety.


 It wasn’t until I harnessed the power of combining the modalities of nutrition, yoga, meditation AND therapy - that I finally tackled my anxiety and kicked it to the curb for good! ⁣

If you’re looking to relieve your anxiety, supercharge your energy, sleep like an angel and stress less, then this workshop is for you! 

After 90 minutes you will walk away with the exact nutritional foundation that I used to come off my medication and live a life free from the grips of my anxiety.

Please note: I'm not anti-medication. There is absolutely no shame in taking medication and I stand firmly behind anyone who decides that taking medication is the best decision for their mental health. 


It's your life. You get to choose. 


The principles that I teach can be used to help you transition off medication with the support of your doctor or psychiatrist. There is a safe way to transition off medication and must always be done under the supervision of a qualified medical professional. 


Or the principles I teach can provide you anxiety relief while continuing to take medication.


✔️ Feel free 

✔️ Feel "weightless"

✔️ Have more confidence 

✔️ Get a great night sleep 

✔️ Live a happier and more peaceful existence 

✔️ Live in the moment 

✔️ Find more happiness

If you said yes to any of the above, you won't want to miss

the Food 4 Mood Workshop!


sam l.JPG

“The recipes and instructions are perfect - simple, easy to follow and not too scary or overwhelming for people like me who are at the very beginning of restoring their gut (and mental) health.” - Samantha L

Danielle A. .jpg

“I have been SO busy lately and would normally be an anxiety headcase, but I haven’t had any anxiety for 6 days straight! I’ve been hitting the pillow, passing out and having great sleeps. My anxiety is just gone, which is nuts, I don’t have that crushing chest feeling anymore and it’s the best feeling in the world. Tay is my mental health and sleep angel!” - Danielle A.

Isabel S.jpg

“I just wanted to say thank you! I finally don’t have to mentally prepare myself to go to the grocery store or drug store and worry about having anxiety or a panic attack. I just go and don’t even think about it.” - Isabel S.


“Working with Tay has been so beneficial to my mental health. She is so knowledgable and provides actual tools I can implement to help live a happier, more stress free life. My anxiety has decreased and my body, mind,  gut and skin thank her so much.” - Kelsi B.

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This workshop also includes:

  • 10 Page PDF Workbook 

  • 2 Anti-Anxiety Meal Plans

  • A FREE 30-minute coaching call with Tay 

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