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Hey! I’m Taylor.

I’m a Nutritionist, yoga and spin addict, cat mom, and creator of this 5 Day Mini Workshop. 

I struggled with anxiety for literal YEARS. I was on bottles of medications, I spent tens of thousands of dollars on therapy (that’s not an exaggeration), and I truly believed that I was just going to have anxiety for my entire life. 

It wasn’t until I went to school and learned about the relationship between our gut and our hormones and our brain, and the way that food can alter our mood, that I finally saw a glimmer of hope. 

It sounds dramatic AF, I know, but it’s true. And what I learned changed my entire life.

Just from changing my diet and addressing my gut health, I was able to come off of my medication, say bye to my therapist, and break up with my anxiety. I have since gone through tremendously stressful life events and been hit with zero anxiety. 

That’s what I want for you, too! And that’s why I created this mini workshop. To walk you through my 6 pillars of anxiety banishment and give you some of the most important dietary and lifestyle tools you need to release your anxiety... for free! 

Ready? Let's dive in! 

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This workshop is an informational and educational-based product based on current research and the creator’s education. No information in this workshop is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. The information provided herein is not medical advice or instruction. It has not been evaluated by the FDA and it does not replace any advice. No action should be taken solely based on the contents of this workshop. Taylor Gendron may not be held responsible for any errors or omissions, inadvertent or not, that may be found in this workshop and may not be held liable whatsoever on behalf of any decisions that follow or take advice from this class. Please consult your primary care physician or other appropriate health professionals before beginning any nutritional, or supplement program.

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